Palazzo Avino


A proud pink palace overlooking Italy's coveted Amalfi coast, Palazzo Avino has earned its premier status, having weathered centuries of change where lesser lodgings have simply come and gone.
Fabulous views from the rooms, overlooking the bay of Ravello.
Nearly 1,000 years old, Palazzo Avino has been restored time and again by architects and developers who couldn't help but be touched by its spectacular location, and driven to revive its crumbling walls.
Despite its numerous overhauls, preservation has always been of paramount concern throughout the centuries, such that there are still a few rooms that date back to before the Renaissance, including the entrance way and the restaurant cellar.
Up until 1978, Palazzo Avino was the luxury resort of dignitaries, royalty, and artists. Walk in their footsteps while enjoying the restorations and improvements that have been added in the last 15 years.
Not to be outdone by the natural beauty surrounding it, Palazzo Avino offers its guests tranquil spa facilities and decadent cuisine. The spa, adjacent to the lap pool and gardens, as well as the two-Michelin-star restaurant, overlook the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and the steep mountains - so you never have to part from them.


Via San Giovanni del Toro 28, Ravello, IT.

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