The Bendery historical museum of local history

 The Bendery historical museum of local history in the city of Bendery is one of the oldest museums in the region, it was opened in 1914. The initiator of creation of the museum and its founder was baron A.F.Stewart, the chairman of the provincial county administration. For the long time the museum had the natural-local history character. In the early sixties of the XX-th century the museum received the history department.  Today Bendery historical museum of local history has full exposition about the nature and history in the head museum and expositions of branches - the Museum of military glory of the city,  museum of Glory of railway men, memorial museum of the Bendery tragedy, the Museum of military glory of village Chitcani.

The funds of the museum has 60000 units of storage, including, 48000 units of the main fund. These are the largest collections on zoology, botany, entomology, paleontology, ethnography, numismatics, photos and the documents reflecting  the centuries-old history of the city. Many museum items are the real curiosities. 
As a whole the museum collected the classical collection typical for museums of the complex profile.
The exposition of the historical museum of local history consists of 13 halls representing the following sections: the nature and ecology of the  city and the land; archaeological researches in the territory of the city; Bendery during Middle Ages epoch, development of capitalism and appearance of the revolutionary liberation movement; history of Bendery during the intermilitary period; liberation of the city from the fascist aggressors; restoration and development of the city during the post-war period; city contemporary history.
Now the Bendery museum is involved in the interesting international project connected with water. Working with the International ecological association of keepers of the river Eko-TiRaS from Chisinau and Keepers of the river from Fargo, the USA, and also Fund of the academician of the Lev Berg (Bendery), we have received financing for cooperation with the Center of the nature Roger Enstrom in Wahpeton, Northern Dakota, the USA. Financing is received through the American association of museums, Washington, district of Columbia, the USA. Funds will be used for improvement of work in both museums in several areas. We will study from each other how to improve the work of our museums. 
We shall tell about our transboundary rivers.

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