Museum in village Beshalma (Gagauzia)

The village Beshalma is brought by UNESCO in the regular bulletin, as the unique center of Gagauzian cultures.
Even during the time of the Turkish sovereignty  there was on steppe small river Ialpug a village Comrat – nowadays the capital of the independent Gagauzia.
 In the south of Moldova some 110 km from Chisinau in Gagauzia, in Beshalma village there is Museum of History and Ethnography of the unique orthodox people of Turkomen's origins – Gagauzians. Dmitry Cara-Ciobanu, the writer and the expert of Gagauszian culture and folklore was one of those famous people. During all his life he was engaged in the activity aimed at development of this culture. 
He founded in Beshalma in 1966 the museum of Gagauzian culture storing hundreds exhibits from the sphere of material and spiritual culture of Gagauzian people, collected for two centuries of their residing in the territory of Moldova. Some halls are intended for publications of the Gagauzian writers and poets, but the most valuable exhibit of the museum is the collection of the films shot during the important events in the Gagauzian villages of Budjac steppe which can be seen in a small cinema hall here, in the museum building.

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