The A.S. Pushkin house - museum

 The museum works daily, except Monday. Last Friday of each month is the sanitary day. Working hours: 10.00 – 16.00, without breaks. The excursion has to be planned preliminary. 

185 years ago for the freethinking verses the great Russian poet A.S.Pushkin has been exiled to our corner. Almost three most fruitful years of his short life – since September 1820 till August 1823 – he lived in Moldova which became "sacred  for the poet's soul". Here Pushkin showed the big political activity, his mighty, original genius ripened here. It was time of the strongest influence on Pushkin from the most extreme Decembrists’ revolutionary and emancipating ideas, the period of the political maturity of the great Russian poet-citizen. It was time for creation of politically difficult socially accusatory works which have influenced the formation the outlook of the advanced circles of Russian society.
Pushkin's whole creative activity during this period passed under the sign of progressive romanticism. During the Chisinau period the poet in his creativity began to pass from romanticism to the critical realism, his originality began to be shown more brightly, art skill was improving,  the creative genius of the great Russian poet ripened. This period was for Pushkin really the time of intense creative search.
Pushkin, influencing the Moldavian literature, himself felt the influence of the social-cultural life of the Moldavian people on his creativity. His poem "Black shawl", written during the first weeks of his stay in Chisinau prove this especially well. Aspiring to especially underline the dependence of this poem on the Moldavian folklore, Pushkin always published this poem either with heading, or with the subtitle "the Moldavian song".
A.S.Pushkin learned this land well, it gave to his soul a lot of impressions. Elegiac pathetically and brightly Pushkin describes the fine pictures of the nature in solar Moldova during his trip through Bessarabia. They are one of the best poetic pages in the works devoted to Moldova. In Chisinau Pushkin participated in festivals, games, listened to the folk speech. There are evidences remained that he studied the Moldavian language, anyway, in conversation he had enough words in his vocabulary.
Pushkin wrote in Moldova over 160 works . Among them such masterpieces as "Black shawl", "Prisoner", "To Ovidius", "Caucasian captive", "Bakhchsarai fountain". In Chisinau Pushkin started writing "the encyclopedia of Russian life" - the novel "Yevgeniy Onegin".
Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin died in the age of 38 years of the wound received during his duel with J.Dantes, the French citizen on Russian military service. Since then169 years passed. Of tens Pushkin houses only two remained - Petersburg apartment on Black small river and the Chisinau wing of the house of Naumov.
The Moldavian people carefully store the memory of the great poet. Always with pleasure they wait for the visitors in A.S.Pushkin's House museum in the capital of Moldova and its branch in village Dolna.

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