National Museum of history

 The national Museum of history of Moldova was based in 1983. The museum building is the building of the first male gymnasium in the territory of Bessarabia. In front of the museum there is a copy of the known statue Latin wolf with Romul and Rem.

The museum includes 10 showrooms, 3 of which have domes, and a diorama. 300 000 exhibits which acquaint the visitors with the history and culture of Moldova (or with what was in the given territory) since the ancient times are stored till today in the museum. About 165 00 exhibits are the national property of Moldova.
Museum has archaeological and numismatic collections, collections of documents, photos, rare and old books, cards, weapon, military regimentals and many other things. The museum is proud of the unique exhibits:
Tip of the fighting chariot of Getaes - 4-5 centuries BC;
The Olanesti treasure, 4 century BC. The Treasure contains a bronze candlestick and overgilded bronze Gaeta-Macedonian helmets;
The map of Moldova made by F.Bauer, 1781.
The permanent exposition is located on the ground floor. It contains more than 4 000 exhibits of historical value. These exhibits tell to the visitors about outstanding persons, historical events, culture and everyday life in the territory of Moldova from the paleolith till 20th century.
The exposition is divided into the following departments: archeology and antique history, Middle Ages history, history of Bessarabia, modern history, treasures and numismatics, diopama and temporary expositions.
The museum is located in the center of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, therefore it is easy to get to it by public transport. It might be difficult to find a place for parking for those arriving by cars. Everybody who wants to get acquainted with the history of Moldova, can visit museum on any day, except Mondays and official state holidays. The museum works from 9:00 till 17:00. Entry fee is not high. You can use services of the guide.

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