Zelinsсky's House museum

 The son of Tiraspol Nikolay Dmitrievich Zelinsky was the greatest chemist-organic, the tutor and teacher of several generations of the domestic chemists, the author of more than 600 scientific works in the major areas of organic and physical chemistry, and also chemical technology. The mankind is thankful to him for the appearance of the first-ever universal coal gas mask. In Tiraspol, in the house where his childhood took place, the memorial house museum of the academician works for many years and on the building of the school № 6 (nowadays - humanitarian and mathematical grammar school) where he studied, there is a memorial board, in front of the building there is the monument established; the Kirovsk area of Tiraspol has a street named after Zelinsky. Chisinau has a street in sector Botanica with his name.

The furniture, household items, documents and many other original exhibits are carefully kept by the museum workers. 
You cannot read in a book what you can see here – in the walls of the museum.

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