Las Pegas

 Conveniently located cozy Las Pegas is one of the most popular places of the city where the quality of meal and price policy are one of the reasons why the restaurant is nearly always full of visitors. Recently this place was occupied by a small bar for 4 tables serving the tastiest sausages in the city. And today …. On this place the magnificent two-storied restaurant for 120 seats is nestling. People come here from all corners of the city to take pleasure in meat, and not only … 

It includes the closed winter terrace, and during the warm season it turns into the summer terrace. But one such definition is not enough to tell what Las Pegas is. It seems that there is always the sun and it is warm. Very spacious. It is spacious, even if all the tables are occupied. A lot of colors. The wide windows overlook the Chisinau landscapes. Undoubtedly, that everything is  available and open for the guests. And when they bring large portions, it is not  a surprise. Because from the doorway you will understand that people here are generous in all aspects - attention, comfort, good food - in unlimited amounts. According to the restaurant manager Irina Bespalyuk, Las Pegas always has pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. In the halls merry companies of friends, colleagues, classmates take rest. As a result, it seems that the positive atmosphere is one common for all guests. 
Now about the tasty points. Let's follow to the kitchen. It is headed by the talented chef and charming woman at the same time. Due to its culinary excellence and high quality products, of which they cook all meals (meat products from the company Pegas do not need special promotion any longer), major options from the menu are in great demand. Moreover, Las Pegas is often visited just for some particular dishes. It is clear that often it is meat. Specialty of the restaurant, about which the city tells many legends, is the elegant barbecue mixed. The barbecue is served with the juicy grilled vegetables! In one word, it is not a dish, but a real feast for the gourmet.  The presentation of it is very attractive, not to mention its taste. But here they are glad to please you not only with the meat. Great choice of dishes of fish - trout, pike, salmon, mackerel, dorado ... And all dishes are cooked to preserve the valuable vitamins of the food - grilled, baked in the oven or pan. On your request any dish can be cooked in any of these options. As to the desserts, we recommend to start them with poppy cake, which contains no single gram of flour! Very light. That is the air-like impressions are guaranteed. 

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