Grill House

 Cozy restaurant Grill House located in the center of the city  is known as the best meat restaurant of Chisinau. Lunch with friends, business meeting, private dinner – every instant in this place is impregnated with magic charm. Visual warmth of the interior and carefully selected details create the feeling of ease and comfort. Seductive aromas of meat prepared on coals, attract even the passing by walkers. Combination of greens, lights and fresh air, and the most important variety of every possible meal of fish and meat.

However, in Grill House they serve not only meat, fish and seafood. The menu offers the plentiful choice of salads, soups, and the dessert card does not suffer scarcity and mediocrity.
And for admirers of exotic, and for fans of traditional dishes, that is for all gourmets, the menu always has something to remember for a long time.
But it is not needed – after all very soon you definitely visit us again to freshen the memory and to take pleasure in taste of the liked dishes.
The heart of the place is its incomparable, attracting, and bewitching with mysterious and very "tasty" aromas from kitchen. Here all the most exacting orders flow down, and from here in enveloping smoke of teasing and breathing aromas the chains of the diversified, but invariably desired dishes appear.
Pride of the kitchen is the inexhaustible choice of meat and fish dishes prepared on the brazier. One visit is not enough to take pleasure in all this magnificence! Therefore the one, who came once to the restaurant, becomes to its repeated and always welcomed visitor.
Here they honor the cult of veal and mutton which is always extraordinary gentle and juicy, it is difficult to resist against temptation to taste it. And the most important secret of the unique magic taste of dishes – besides skill and experience of the cooks – consists in the way of their preparation. The restaurant uses natural charcoal, qualitative products, "correct" spices – all this guarantees a true gastronomic pleasure.
If you are the convinced vegetarian, you have to choose another restaurant as the motto of Grill House – "We Make Vegetarians to be Predators”.
Grill House is the first restaurant in Chisinau serving the firm wine bottled specially for the restaurant "House Wine”. The line is represented by the white dry and red dry wines. The label has caution of the firm style "Attention - We Make Vegetarians Predators”.

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