Fish-ka is a pleasant place for good rest, located in the district Botanica, it is always full of by public of different ages and social statues. This is a pre-, after- and Party Bar, where the harmonious combination both of the cheerful party, and the romantic dating, business negotiations, family going out, early breakfast or business lunch is possible.  The main plus of this place is that it is open 24 hours.   
 Original design ideas in Fish-ka belong, without overstatement, to the  leading architects and designers of the city. "Zest" of the interior is that despite the original dimensions the cafe is quite functional. According to the project of the designers the territory in Fish-ka is divided into two floors. The second floor is a balcony connected with the first floor by means of the wide wooden ladder. On the balcony you can hang out or simply enjoy the rest “at height”. If you wish certainly. In its turn each floor is divided into zones. The cozy, numbered (!) sofas and well matched comfortable tables, the original bar counter, two plasma TVs – each detail is intended to make your rest more comfortable and more pleasant. The advantage is the convenient and capacious parking.
We shall mention that in Fish-ka the main courses are meat. The Chief cook arrived here from abroad where he worked in the cafe and restaurant. The cuisine of the European level is known from firsthand.
"Konyok" - a stake of mutton which is cooked here like nowhere in the city. The same "series" includes dishes from beef –  stake, roast beef, chateaubriand – any degree of readiness.
For breakfast, as one of the numerous variants – the crepes with ham and cheese Parmesan. Or “breakfast of the farmer” – veal with field mushrooms, "Swedish" breakfast … For the lunch you can indulge itself with the roast beef “Three seasons” with caramelized pear. Or "fish" – salmon under green sauce, trout with vegetables, pike perch baked with black sesame. And the round steak with eggplant, chateaubriand with carrot noodles … Assortment of desserts is big enough, you might even have problems with choice. You will have to visit Fish-ka for several times to try everything. We recommend to begin with the orange in caramel or desserts from ice-cream. Is it tasty? Really.
And, certainly, various, fashionable, cooling cocktails. They even have the firm cocktail – “Fish-ka”. Want to learn, what is the zest of this cocktail? Come to cafe Fish-ka and taste.

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