"Patria Lukoil"

"Patria Lukoil" is one of the entertaining centers of the city offering the leisure-time round the clock. Here you can find all entertainments under one roof:
Restaurant "Geography of Tastes",
• where you can try Mexican, Italian and Chinese cuisines
• "Geography of Tastes" – a modern and original place where they cook dishes of Mexican, Chinese and Italian cuisine directly in front of the visitors within 5 minutes.
• Three kinds of cuisines provide various tastes. Mexican – is for fans of spicy and very peppered meal with considerable quantity of spices, as, for example, fajitos and buritos; Italian cuisine is more delicate, well-known for cheeses gargonzolla and parmesan, pasta, ravioli and salsa di pomidoro; the Chinese meal is democratic and oriented on fans of meat and vegetable dishes with the diversified sauces.
• the system of servicing is unusual: the visitor calls for the waiter to his table - the Chinese, the Italian or the Mexican who will offer to try dishes of the corresponding cuisine. The dish will be cooked directly in front of the visitors accompanied with explanations as to the components and features of the meal.
• good addition is the wide choice of alcoholic and soft drinks, and also original desserts.
Banquet room
• "Patria" in Studencheckskaya street is happy to offer you services of the organizers for preparation and servicing the banquets and stand-up parties.
• Each guest is unique for us; therefore we find an individual approach to every client. In the banquet room "Patria" in Studencheckskaya street you will be offered dishes of European and ethnic cuisine.
• Magnificent table appointments, refined dishes and cozy atmosphere of the banquet room for 50 seats for the banquet and 60 — for the stand-up parties will be estimated at their true worth, and your guests can judge of your taste. We have all for carrying out weddings, anniversaries, corporate evenings, presentations and graduation parties.
• In addition to the banquets we will help to organize the enchanting party or a solemn feast.
Karaoke - Club, uniting fans of "live" performance of the popular songs.
       "Karaoke Club" is considered one of the best karaoke-clubs in Chisinau. It distinguishes itself from the similar clubs with the fact that it kept traditions of the club where the friends and simply close people gather for dialogues, joint rest and certainly to sing favourite songs.
The club is equipped with the professional equipment Dynacord, AKG, Sennheiser.
Ice - Bowling, uniting the billiard tables and six 25 meter mats of bowling. At the entrance to "ICE bowling" you will face the fuselage of the plane which landed on the Arctic ice floe. When stepping down to the bowling room you get to unique atmosphere of northern magnificence of the Arctic ices, and find yourself drifting on the ice floe.
• Interior design as much as possible reflects the originality of sparkling snow and ice, and the polar lights are only supplement to the whole picture of "ICE bowling".
• The open spaces of the ice plain in "ICE bowling"  have six 25-meter mats of the sports bowling certificated at the world standards and manufactured by the leading company AMF. Those one not familiar with the balls and ten-pins can master a new science with the skilled instructors. Specially for children and beginning players they have rising bumper. Jumping from bumpers, the balls anyway reach and hits ten-pins.

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