Shopping center "JUMBO" is a Fashion Center focused on consumers with the level of income from average to high. It represents the gallery of shops with the fashionable youth and design marks, jeweler salons, salons of jewellery of the premium-class.

Unique bridge "JUMBO" which is the entrance to the parking imparts the unique originality to the architectural ensemble, and also gives the guests of shopping center  the chance  to take pleasure in the city panorama.
The convenient complex united under its roof  the considerable quantity of boutiques with clothes, footwear, goods for house, entertaining institutions. Here you can always successfully renew your clothes, the interior, buy the most various gifts for the relatives, change the image in the beauty salons, have a rest in the bars and restaurants, please the children in the kids' club, and finally, simply to spend perfectly free time.
For convenience of the buyers all floors are divided according to the consumer's preferences:
0 floor - furniture salons, unique flower salon, everything for your interior.
1 floor - supermarket “Fidesco”, the largest in the city with the area of 45000 sq.m., shop "Expedition".
2 floor - the goods for house: furniture, ware, ornaments, toys, gifts, salon hi-fi equipment, shop "KARE" with unique sets of accessories for the interior.
3 floor - consumer goods: clothes, footwear, accessories, leather goods, cosmetics, kids' goods
4 floor - entertaining: cafe, restaurants, bars, and also a casino, shooting gallery, the Internet cafe. Facilities of this shopping center are always ready to please the visitors with the good week-end program.
Passage is the two-level floor located in the left wing of the shopping center on same 4 floor with the restaurants. On the ground floor our visitors can leave their child in the kids' club "Madagascar" while shopping in the boutiques, visiting the beauty salons or the restaurant.
The SC “JUMBO” has the biggest quantity of shops in the city, located compactly in one place, and of them more than 50 shops represent known world brands

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