"DRIVE" is the best place for night life, the great design, individual concepts, innovative solutions allow guests to relax as they wish .... and to hold the large-scale events, parties, concerts of world famous DJs. It also means the most modern light and sound, trendy youths and guests of the capital, the best DJs of Moldova and the world, performance of the stars. Rich evening entertainment, light cuisine, exclusive cocktail parties - all this makes "DRIVE" to be the most visited club in Chisinau. Particular attention is paid to the interior. The dynamic author's performance gives the club a very special appearance: clear right lines and soft, velvety dusk, silvery shine of metal and rapid flashes of light on the dance floor. Here you will find sofas and huge fish tanks with exotic inhabitants of the underwater world. 

Club "DRIVE" features the friendly service: here they are very attentive to the wishes of the guests, which emphasizes the positive atmosphere. Come in any mood and be sure you  will leave in perfect state of mind. Particular attention is given to the entertainment programs, which are compiled with the consideration of wishes of the guests and regular customers of the club. 
We should also mention the top class of the DJ-s, accurately defining the mood of the public. 
Club "DRIVE" is the best new music entertainment industry, high-quality sound and light, stylish design, exclusive laser show and the atmosphere of coziness and comfort. 
Administration of the club is committed to providing its guests only with the best and for this purpose they perform thorough selection of the invited actors and entertainment groups. Do not worry about anything: your peace and rest are protected by specially trained security forces. 

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