City Club

 The name "City" alone lifts the curtain of the secrets ... The name means "city" and points out that the Club is the heart of the city, where there is natural beauty contained in the unpretentious interior and seductive sincerity of manners. City Club is one of the most fun and bright places in the city. 

Do you want to be free and to dissolve into the world of music and sounds? Challenge yourself and feel the rhythm of the city at night! Be in the City at the height! 
Club City is a city within a city where everything is subordinated to your innermost desires and cherished dreams! 
Mysterious black and seductive red awaken in you the unknown feelings. Red colour attracts, awakens passion, pushes to recklessness and energizes. Black color is intriguing and conceals many mysteries, like the night itself. That's how the interior of the City was arranged - only the black and red colors, only the mystery and passion. However, each party makes its own rules, and the City is filled with the new sense, becoming a scene where the scenery, costumes and moods change. 
Forget about everything, do only what your body wants, energize yourself with the music and light. 
The huge dance floor will make you forget about the problems, requiring only one thing - endless movement! Trust it and you will know the absolute freedom! 
 City Club is a unique place for those waiting the changes, and rushing in their lives people. 
City is a mirror image of all significant events in the city, City is the very heart of the night Chisinau! 

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