"Deja Vu"

The great cocktail bar "Deja Vu" is famous for the wide selection of cocktails, and pleases its guests with music, events and interesting guests and the rich variety of European cuisine. 

In the guest room, where you get when cross the doorway of "Deja Vu", you will be wrapped with the warm of the home fireplace, and you can relax on the couch. If you want to eat something right here, then, while you relax, the cook in front of you will cook  pasties on the fire. 
Four rooms of "Deja Vu", including the VIP-hall - are very different, and you can select one of them, being guided by your mood. If you like to monitor the preparation of cocktails and, most importantly, drink them - then welcome to the American counter of the bar! The choice of cocktails in "Deja Vu" will amaze even the experienced gourmet. 
Deja-Vu returned after the restoration, unexpected and updated, but still attractive, stylish and disposing to excellent pastime. In the main, and namely in the wish to give to its guests the positive emotions and an incredible, happy feeling. Deja-Vu changed its clothes, but that does not mean that with this the concept of institutions changed. Here you will find great mood, favorite dance rhythms, but the new interior. What does this mean you'll understand as soon as you cross the threshold of the renewed Deja-Vu. 
If you are a frequenter of Deja-Vu, then, of course, you immediately appreciate the highly original change - an unexpected location of the bar counter. However, it will attract attention of the visitors coming here for the first time. You can still watch the magical process of cooking the best cocktails, which magically, raise your mood and complement your evening with the new impressions and emotions. Deja-Vu still has the widest selection of cocktails. 
But that is not all. Near the entrance there is an renewed aquarium of  impressing size with marine fish, which are very relaxing after a busy day and take away from the annoying problems. And, here you are literally immersed  in the atmosphere of relaxation. It creates a feeling that Mecca  of the desired rest is located right in Deja-Vu. 
The rooms have cozy sitting area, where you can spend time. And the Deja-Vu is proud of the many beautiful girls visiting it. 
Are you searching for the perfect place to relax? Then urry to visit the Deja-Vu - the sunny island of harmony holiday. 

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