Photoclub «Luceafarul»

 In the foyer of the theater «Licurici» there is the exhibition of photographs "Illusions and Reality" organized by the Public Photoclub «Luceafarul». It contains more than 200 works of 20 authors. Each picture is unique. This is a special vision of the world. Real world is adequately complemented with the parallel world of illusions. The club was organized more than forty years ago as a mass organization of the photo amateurs. Club exhibitions participated in the national and international exhibitions, won awards and prizes. In the troubled 90's the photo club was forced to suspend its work. And just a few years ago it managed to revive its activity of the Photo club. 

The exhibition is called "Illusions and Reality" for the special purpose. Photography always fixes the real world. But the real world with creativity, craftsmanship and modern technology (such as a computer program Photoshop) can radically transform the kaleidoscope of illusions. And whatever the  skeptics say, processing of photos with various editors - this is also an art, and it can enrich the arsenal of the photographer. Earlier they also used in the photos different types of editing and processing. Editing is not allowed for the reportage photography, but for the artistic one it allows to receive the expressiveness and accurately to transfer their creative vision with all available tools. The exhibition includes photographs of various genres: portrait, landscape and architectural pictures, interior, genre picture (children, sports, nature), photo reportage. The foyer of the theater hosts the work both of the beginners and professionals. The club is democratic in its nature. Each visitor of the exhibition can share their thoughts with the authors of the photographs, because photographers have to know the views and critics of the art lovers. 
The plans of the Photoclub "Luceafarul" include organization of the exchange of exhibitions with the photo club and photo artists from abroad, arrangements of the exhibitions of photographs by the young authors. This will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of skills of the club members and the development of the art photography in Moldova. 

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