Gallery "L"

 Gallery appeared on 01 September 1990. It was time when the private business only began to develop and such shops have not appeared yet. The current director and founder of the Gallery "L", Lubich Pavel, was then heading the Social Center of ethnic cultural relations. As a part of its activities the Center staff often organized Days of Russian, Moldavian, Bulgarian, Gagauz, Ukrainian culture. These events were accompanied with the art exhibitions. Once, after one of the festivals of culture, the master offered to host the permanent exhibition of his paintings. The idea was supported. 

But before the capital received the art gallery, its founders had to read a lot of magazines telling about the experience of creating such salons. The conclusion was the same: we need to create an art exhibition with the certain direction. It was decided to open the salon that meets the requirements of the classical realism. However, experience has shown - it is irrational. The gallery "L" was often visited not only by the connoisseurs of realism, but also lovers of abstract or modern art. So the director decided to display in the salon works of any genre. 
The main requirement to the works of artists was and remains to be the good quality of the pictures. Thanks to the strict selection of canvases the gallery "L" acquired a reputation of the salon, where you can buy paintings, executed in accordance with all technological norms. Confirmation of the quality of the canvases is the 10-year warranty issued by the gallery "L" to the art lovers. 
Gallery "Art Real" is the subsidiary company of the gallery "L". The shop specializes mainly in the exhibition canvases -copies of the works by the famous international artists. 

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