Geodesic "Arch of Struve"

Distance from Chisinau: 220 km from Chisinau 

Trip to the excursion place: 2,5-3 hours
Visiting: Geodesic "Arch of Struve"
"Arch of Struve" («Russian-Scandinavian arch») is the chain of the old triangulation points stretching to 2820 km along the territory of ten European countries from Arctic Ocean to the Black sea, and representing the unique monument of science and engineering.
The list of monuments in RM protected by the state includes the geodesic meridian of "Struve" named in honor of the director of the Pulkovo observatory Wilhelm Struve.
Since 2005, and namely from the moment when the Geodesic "Arch of Struve" was included in the list of the World heritage drawn up by UNESCO, ten countries starter looking for it and improving its remained points, and the travelers started packing the rucksacks. Moldova was lucky: its territory has two remained objects of the Arch of Struve — the unique research experiment of the XIX century resulted in the calculation of the exact size and form of the Earth.
For today there  only one point in the republic located close to the village Rudi, Soroca area. It is in the apple-tree garden, some 300 meters from the highway Soroca – Otaci. One year ago it was included in the lists of the World cultural heritage. 
The north of Moldova is one of the area of the interest for the tourists. It keeps the traces of the prehistoric past – the 70 meters cave once inhabited and located some 45 km to the north from Soroca, not far from the landscape reserve Rudi-Arionesti. On the right bank of Dniester river there is the remained verdure in the kilometer gorges covering the territory of Moldova thousand years ago, the cape antique defensive strengthening (IV-III B.C.), two round earthen fortresses (IX-XII centuries) "Turkish plate" (representing the eminence surrounded with the ditch with the diameter about 70 meters) and "Germanary". 
In the village Rudi located on the bank of Dniester river, the international archaeological expedition found the remains of the settlements the age of which exceeds 1500 years, the rural community with the rich traditions, and also one of the oldest monasteries in Moldova in the village Rudi (church "St. Trinity", erected in 1777, which is the brightest sample of the cult architecture made in the old-Moldavian style).
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