Le Pont de l'Ouysse


Just as the gleaming wood of an old country sideboard offers its own special welcome in any dining room, so the whole atmosphere at Le Pont de l‘Ouysse is one of welcoming warmth. And this goes hand in hand with all that is best from the present day - fine cuisine, perfect service, up to date facilities, beautiful surroundings, complete relaxation… whatever is needed to ensure that guests are enchanted with their stay. At night, the modern swimming pool adds to the magic of the decor. By day, it is a tranquil oasis, set in a ring of trees and with lovely views over the encircling bowl of hills. Nestling in deep green countryside, the hotel is an ideal starting point for innumerable gorgeous walks. What we like : The traditional and innovative cuisine, rich in taste and extremely delicate. A visit to the nearby Lacave caves and the famous Padirac caves. 

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