Tipova Assumption monastery

Distance from Chisinau: 100 km
Trip to the excursion place: 2 hours
Duration of excursion: 9 hours

Tipova  is the village located 100 km. to the north from Chisinau. Tipova is known for the bewitching nature and the greatest in Moldova and the Eastern Europe rocky monasteries.
The monastery has been based in VI century B.C. Then for long time the monastery was empty, but in 1756 it has been opened again. At that time many narrow footpaths were leading to the monastery. So monks remained in safety from the enemies. Later, at the end of XVIII century when the threat of attacks disappeared, the footpaths became wider. At the same time the cells were expanded and the church was constructed. During the Soviet period the monastery was closed. It was empty again and even destroyed. However since 1975 the monastery is protected by the state. In 1994 monastic life here renewed. For today the rocky monasteries in Tipova are arranged well enough compared to the other rocky monasteries in Moldova. 
There is a legend saying that in this monastery Stefan The Great - the ruler of Moldova got married his wife Maria Voicuta.
Except for the rocky monasteries Tipova attracts visitors with the nature. Hills are covered with forests crossed with narrow footpaths. The river Dniester and a small rivulet Tipova forms several falls. Here one can walk in the forest, to enjoy the calmness of Dniester, to listen to the noise of falls...
According to another legend the mythological poet Orpheus spent here his last years, He enjoyed the local nature … he was buried at the falls. Archeologists found the  stone coffin. It is believed that this is that very coffin in which Orpheus was buried. 
The monastery in Tipova is opened for visitors daily. Therefore nothing prevents to come here and to enjoy this magnificent and quiet place...
Recommendations for the tourist
• convenient footwear and clothes
• headdress against the sun
• camera
• for women it is desirable to have clothes covering shoulders and the skirt below knees 
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