Satul Moldovenesc

At 30 km from Chisinau,is situated SATUL MOLDOVENESC where the  day compete the night,where is  light and beauty. A village where time passes quickly and, simultaneously, slowly. I a village where you can find an escape from daily life tensions and you are required to seek comfort in something nice and refreshing. If you are looking for this relaxation, the rest are expected to "Satul Moldovenesc", located in a valley village of  Hartopul Mare, district Criuleni. We invite you to our village to spend the most beautiful moments in the middle of three lakes inhabited by different fish species (white amur, carp, crucian), in houses covered with reeds, inherited from our grandparents on an island in the middle of the lake where you can feel undisturbed serving national dishes (as like at home). After that you'll bathe in crystal clear water of the lake, you will feel an energy that will be receptive to our waitresses. They will serve traditional dishes prepared from pure organic products, grown with care in our auxiliary. Young visitors, but also the great and curious, they are able to see small rabbit farm, farm pheasants, our sheepfold and others. Well-trained horses will take you to a ride through town, giving you the opportunity to admire the beautiful landscape and your children will accompany riding on a donkey. In winter you will enjoy the pleasure game of ice hockey, skating and has, with little ones will enjoy the pleasure of a winter game with Santa Clause.


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