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 Traditional cuisine
The Greek cuisine is characterized by wide use of lemons, walnuts, raisin, olive oil, mutton, fish, garlic, tomatoes and considerable quantity of spicy mixes. The meat dishes prepared on the spit, dolmades (a kind of stuffed grape leaves), chir-chir ( a kind of chebureks), alyan (drink from sour milk), sweet dishes are very popular in Greece.

Traditions and behaviour rules in the country
Greeks love and protect traditions. And not simply protect, but also revive. Even those ones which apparently were hopelessly left in the past. And this is a reason for respect between those who understand – Greece would not be Greece without traditions. On the eve of holidays Greeks become especially sentimental. Residents of Athens, for example, recollect that they love street organs. Not so long ago these musical instruments were one of symbols of their capital. Now the apartments of the rich people have them standing as a part of the decor. The Greek life is full of traditions.  The Greeks are ashamed if do not know movements of the national dances. While it is obligatory to dance, otherwise messmates in the restaurant will decide that you are not Greek. It is common thing suddenly to jump from the table and to start dancing. Greece, ancient and eternally young Ellada … managed to carry respect for work, beauty and talent through millennia and to make it the most important tradition.

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