Tourists coming from all the countries of the world have unique possibility to touch the great history: a miracle of the world architecture - Athenian Acropolis, Knossos palace and other monuments of this civilization in the island Crete, Temple of Poseidon in Sounion,  Temple of Apollo Epikourios in Delfi, unique monasteries in Meteora, magnificent findings of the Macedonian and Byzantian periods in Tessaloniki and other cities of Macedonia. Each spot of the land in Greece is a history!

Delphi is Apollo's sanctuary in Fokida where the well-known oracle lived and Pythian games were taking place. The nature and ancient ruins are wonderfully mixed up here underlining the beauty of each other. Here one can visit the Temple of Apollo, theatre, stadium, museum, wash with the water of the Castalian Spring  (according to the legend it is rejuvenating), and see the "centre of the universe" and the stone of Sybilla.
Olympia – since the prehistoric times the Olympic Games in honour of Zevsa were held here each four years. After the Games were restored in 1896 here, in the ancient sanctuary they again fire up the Olympic fire. From here it walks to the place of the next Olympic Games.
Meteora is a unique medieval monastic complex. Thousand giant rocks tower perpendicularly over the city of Kalambaka and village Kastraki. These giant rocks astonish visitors and perplex them because of their fantastic origin. 
The cave of Petralona. Here in 1960 at height of 250 metres above sea level they found the remains of the ancient person - the Neanderthal human aging 200 thousand years, and also the remains of the various animals aging 500 thousand years. The cave is some 800 metres from the settlement Petralona in Halkidiki.
Mycenae is a city and fortress in the northern part of Peloponnese. In second half of II millennia BC there was placed one of the centres of the most ancient civilization here  named Mycenaean. Mycenae is home to the well-known “Lion gate”, tomb of Agamemnon, imperial palace.
Epidaurus is a theatre built in IV century BC. It  is well kept and today is used for its purpose. Epidaurus Festival is held here today and includes musical and theatrical performances.
Crete is the biggest island of Greece, the cradle of one of the most ancient civilizations on the earth – Minoan civilization, the place connected with the legend about Daedalus and Icarus. Ruins of the remarkable monument of that epoch – Knossos palace - remained up today. Crete is also the island offering all conditions for the excellent rest – sand beaches, calm blue sea, hot sun, first class hotels.

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