The main areas for rest of the tourists in Croatia are Dubrovnik, Middle Dalmatia and islands, peninsula Istria. Each region has distinctive features and is unique in its own way. 
The largest tourist region - Istria where the main hotel basis of the country is concentrated, is of greatest popularity. Every year there are built tens new hotels here, therefore it is not easy to recommend any certain variant. Nevertheless the most known and attractive hotels are the hotels of chain LAGUNA and SOL. The majority of the hotels have category 3 * which corresponds to the European level. In its turn the peninsula has a lot of ancient and new developing cities-resorts. Among them we should mention Porech, Umag, Rovin, Pula, Rabats, Duga Uvala, Opatia. 

In Istria like nowhere in Croatia you can feel the influence of the Italian culture on the  local – Slavic -rural culture. The clever goat (Emblem of Istria) and the winged lion (Emblem of Venice) often friendly adjoin on the gates of the local small towns. Beautiful coastline, high hills, unique monuments of culture - so we can describe in a few words the peninsula Istria. And near it on the coast of Kvaerner gulf there are fantastic, "toy" small towns of the Venetian style, carpets of flowers, cozy bays covered with the pebble and rocky coast. It will take you a week to view the most important sights of the land. 

For the beauty of landscapes and beaches we should mention the Middle Dalmatia and adjoining islands (Brach, Khvar). The fine pebble  and somewhere sandy beaches are deemed to be the best in the country. And, pines grow here literally some meters from the sea. 

The most famous region in Croatia is the area of Dubrovnik where since the Soviet times Russian tourists went for rests. At the same time it is the most expensive resort because of the smaller hotel base and the developed financial traditions. 

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