Bangkok is the modern capital of Thailand. In Thai it means «Village of wild plums». Bangkok is not just the capital of Thailand, this is the main gate to the country. The city impresses the tourists with the contrasts. The magnificent temples, blossoming gardens, museums, numerous channels - all this will amaze your imagination. Now Bangkok is a 7million megacity inhabitted by various nations, inhabitants of Thailand make one tenth of them.
Pattaya is the most known resort of Thailand located some 147 km from Bangkok. Pattaya is a 4-kilometer strip of the beaches located in the quiet bay of gulf Siam. Gold sand and attracting transparent crystal blueness of the ocean, the magnificent arch-formed sandy coast and warm tender wind from the sea bringing fresh air with aroma of the salty water makes Pattaya very attractive for the tourists from all corners of the globe. 
Phuket is in the southeast of Thailand and superficially resembles a pearl of the wrong shape. The island is known for the lonely sandy beaches, picturesque coral reeves, rocks and the clean sea. More than half  of the Phuket's territory is covered with rainforests twhich combined with the falls, parks, coconut plantations makes Phuket to be the ideal vacation place. 

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