Country description

Two main types - the tropical climate in the north and tropical monsoonal in southern and southeast areas. In April the temperature in Bangkok reaches +29 C and in December it is about +25 C
The money of Thailand is baht. At the moment 1 US dollarcosts 42 bahts. Banknotes in circulation include: 20 bahts (green), 50 bahts (blue), 100 bahts (red), 500 bahts (lilac), 1000 bahts (light brown or gray)
About 62 million people. The population mainly consists of the Thai people (over 15 ethnic groups: Khontai (Siameses), lao, Tai Korat etc.), and also Malayans, Chineses, khmers, people of Tibetan-Burmese group, tribes: Mao, Yao, etc.
State language
State language is Thai (Siamese). In cities they widely speak English, Chinese and Japanese languages. 
Buses are the basis of the municipal transportation in the country. The lines are supplied both with the cars with conditioners (trip is more expensive), and without conditioners. Besides regular buses there are express routes. From 23.00 to 05.00 some lines have night buses (without conditioners) go. Tickets can be acquired with the driver or the ticket collector in salon.

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