Parks and gardens are pride of the Emirates. Almost all parks open at 8:00 and work till the late evening (time varies).
"Al Mamzar Beach park" is on the peninsula formed by the bay of Khor Mamzar and the gulf, dividing the Dubai and Sharja Emirates .
"Creek Park" is between bridges Al Maktum and Al Garkhud "Jumeira Beach park" is the Jumeira area 
"Safa park" - in Abu-Dhabi road
"Wonderland" is near the bridge Al Garkhud. There is an aqua park in the territory of "Wonderland".
Dubai - here is the most interesting industry of entertainment: park amusement, aqua park, two skating rinks, a zoo (the best in the Middle East), several museums (this is a rarity for the Arabian countries). 
Shardja - has a lot of sights: Sheikh Palace; mosque gifted by the king of Saudi Arabia; the fountain - one of the highest in the world, it symbolizes the oil stream, and Al Jazeera Park. Especially curious tourists can witness the public executions on Thursdays.
Ras Al Hayma. In the ancient time this city was called as "Julfar" and was famous for pirates and seamen. Pirates plundered every ship passing by, and seamen were making the trips to the distant countries by wooden boats - "dhows". Some boats had capacity for 400 persons and even reached China.
The main sight of the city is the Masafi Mineral Water source and the factory supplying this water to all seven emirates.
Abu-Dhabi - "garden-city of emirates". In the territory of the emirate near the border with Oman there is an oasis Al Ain where you can visit an archaeological museum, the burial place Khili, historical museum, east and square forts. Also here is the big zoo. But Al Ain is most well-known for the market of animals.
Fujeira saved the most ancient historical monument - Al Bedia Mosque which was constructed six centuries ago.
Um al-Kuvain is known owing to the huge aquapark located in the territory of the emirate.

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