Luxor is a small city on the right side of Nile some 400 miles to the south from Cairo on the place of the antique Febis. The world has no other city with such great concentration of ancient monuments, these include nearly one third of all historical relics.

Pyramids in Giza are world famous ancient monuments. Of seven wonders of the world only they survived. Of three pyramids The Pyramid of Khafre also named the Second pyramid, is the most known of the pyramids mostly owing to its impressive size. Only its foundation occupies the area of 216 sq. m.

In front of the Great Pyramid there is a well-known Sphinx with the lion's body, a woman's head and the wings of an eagle. Every evening here they hold light and musical shows which add mystery to this place. 

107 halls in the Egyptian Museum of Antiquity were constructed in 1900 by the French architect and opened for visitings in 1902. The collection is dated 1835 when the Service for Protection of Antique Values of Egypt, the task of which was to protect the property of the state, was created and to stop plunders from the places of archeological excavations. Today the museum possesses unbelievable quantity of the antiquities. 

The most popular exhibits are objects from the pyramid of Tutankhamun - about 1700 units, including the well-known gold mask of the boy-Pharaoh. The total number of the objects exposed in the museum makes 120 000 units. 

The Karnak Temple Complex is an extensive complex consisting of three main temples,several smaller temples and temples otside of its borders. The Amun temple is the most magnificent of all these temples. Passing along the Road of Sphinxes once connecting Karnak Temple and Luxor and laid through Thebes which was the capital of Egypt during the Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom times.

The whole complex was in the process of construction for 1300 years, it includes the most refined samples of design and architecture of the Ancient Egypt. Among them there is the Great Hypostyle Hall which is one of the greatest architectural sights of the world – 130 columns of unbelievable size cover the area of 6000 sq.m., and also the only one remained of 4 once standing Obelisk of Tuthmosis I the height of which makes 22 m. 

Cairo is the capital of Egypt, the biggest city of the country and of the whole Africa! Cairo was erected in 969 year. To the north from the Great Fustata of Fatimidi they founded a new city Al Kahira (means "invincible") which turned into the modern Cairo. From 1250 till 1517 Mamelukes were governing here, by their order the city was supplied with the numerous mosques, mausoleums, Koran schools.

To the north from the Citadel there is the Necropolis - the biggest necropolis in the world the oldest burial places of which are of XV century. Near the Citadel there is the Muslim university Al-Azchar which prepares the higher Sunni clergy.

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