Country description

Climate on the narrow coast along Mediterranean sea is subtropical, in the other territory it is deserted tropical. Air here exclusively dry, all year long it is fair with some cloud, rains happen very seldom.
For Egypt the sharp fluctuations of temperature are very typical. For example in Cairo in January-February the temperature can reach 29°C in  afternoon, and falls to 0°C and lower at night. In Aswan in November the air can warm up to 41°C in the afternoon and cool to 3°C at night. The average temperature in January varies from the north to the south from 14°C to 17°C, in July - from 26 to 33°C.
The swimming season lasts in the country for the whole year.
National currency of Egypt is Egyptian pound. The change coin is piastre (РТ). One Egyptian pound is equal to 100 piastres. Paper piastres may have the value 25 and 50, while the coins can be 5, 10, 25. Paper pounds can be 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100.
 About 76 million people.

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